– Find a Place For Fido

DogHouseProperties.comPet lovers everywhere know how hard it is to find a rental, house or vacation property that’s pet friendly. Even most motels and hotels look down on anyone bearing four-legged friends.

So what are you to do when you move to a new town, or want to take a vacation, but don’t want to leave Fido in the hands of a stranger? DogHouse Properties is a start. This recently launched website was made to tackle this problem especially in the midst of the mortgage foreclosure crisis that has affected a number of families with pets. What it offers is this: pet friendlyrental property listings across the States. Simply click or type in the city or state of interest, and you’ll find what each has to offer. A property description will pop up including a picture, types of pets allowed, price, address, number of beds/baths and contact information. You can filter your search by number of beds and baths as well as price among other criteria. The site is absolutely free to use and pets, are of course welcome. In Their Own Words

“Locally based Dog House Properties LLC has re-launched as a Beta website. With an aim to alleviate the current rental housing strain on individuals and families with pets, the Beta site will aggregate pet friendly rental listings onto utilizing additional online resources.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

DogHouse Properties is a great resource for families with pets. It caters to those who were unfortunate in the sub-prime mortgage fiasco and makes it extremely easy to search for and find pet friendly properties, vacation rentals and more.

Some Questions About

How do they find listings? Will they expand to global? Why aren’t there more listings? What’s the business model?