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Doculicious.comThis is a new service enabling any person who has a website to add forms that can be filled out online by his visitors by providing embeddable PDF documents. Whenever anyone completes any of these forms, they will receive a PDF download that can be printed easily, whereas the information is stored securely on the webmaster’s account.

In addition to that, whenever a form is completed a notification is sent to the webmaster, so that he can be ready to process it straightaway. This makes for easily tracking, managing and processing form entries, and the implementation of such a system doesn’t entail any significant structural change to the way a business is run.

Moreover, these forms are entirely customizable, so that the webmaster can make them match the style and design of his site in a more or less immediate way, and reflect his brand as much as possible.

Lastly, it must be mentioned that a quote for a custom built template can be requested through the site in order to have the team handle the process. Check the site out if you wish to see some template examples for yourself, and how they could complement your website. In Their Own Words

“If your business or organisation requires clients to print and fill-in PDF or Word forms and documents, Doculicious can simplify the form completion for your clients, and give you the tools to track and process completed forms.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical solution which can be easily implemented and that benefits both customers and webmasters by letting them save a considerable amount of time.

Some Questions About

Where can I read a full list of the embeddable forms that can be created through the site?