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DocShare.comDocShare is a company that was created with the purpose to provide people with an interesting solution that will allow them to share information about many matters. What is this site all about? Well, this site is about documents, online documents.


In case you want to maximize the way you share documents with your friends and colleagues this is an interesting place for you to stop by and start learning about DocShare.

Do you think that sharing documents online is not very secure or that it is difficult? You are wrong because this company makes it easy and safe for you to share a wide variety of documents in a simple way.

In essence, DocShare is similar to YouTube but with documents. You might imagine that you can upload and download documents on virtually any topic you imagine whenever you want. However, the website features a custom built flash document viewer which allows documents to be streamed rather than downloaded. DocShare is a social document sharing community which thrives on submissions from users.

The community is based around interaction with the main intention to help determine what content is the most important. The site has a kudo system that gives users the possibility to vote up and vote down documents giving more of a Digg feel.

DocShare’s primary objective is to create a customizable platform that enables everyone to easily share and find documents. This website serves as a framework for bigger things to come, and if you want to take a look at it you can do it at In Their Own Words

“The DocShare HQ is located on 48 Wall Street in the financial district of New York City. If you happen to be in the area drop us a line to come check out our operations, we’re friendly people and love to converse with the community. We try out best to stay active in community gatherings and local events throughout the area.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This solution will be appealing to the same public that is used to work with Google books, and

Some Questions About

What gives this service a competitive edge against other similar but bigger players?

Author : Paul Barker

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