KillerStartups – Track Statistics for Your PDFs

DocMetrics.comDocMetrics is a Canadian startup which offers its customers the ability to better track how their PDF files are being used. E-book publishers and companies that use PDF documents to distribute their marketing collateral are able to track how many people have read the document, the number of pages they’ve read, and even the number of times its been printed.

DocMetrics also works as a lead-generation tool by allowing companies to embed forms and surveys directly into the documents and thereby capture pertinent data. If you regularly publish PDF documents and you want to be able to maximize the data garnered from this distribution, DocMetrics could be the way to go. In Their Own Words

“The docmetrics web-based application allows marketing organizations to enhance their standard PDF files (white papers, data sheets and other electronic documents), creating dynamic docmetrics documents which – unlike standard PDFs – are able to include in-document forms and document analytics technology.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This should appeal to anyone who publishes a high quantity of PDF files and would like to get more in-depth data about how these documents are being used.

Some Questions About

Will readers open a DocMetrics PDF document considering that they have to accept that dynamic content be run inside of their PDF document? This could be a real issue for the company because people are wary when it comes to allowing unfamiliar third-party applications to run.

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