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Dobango.comMobile devices have come to occupy a role much larger than merely being used to communicate with our loved ones, our friends and our associates. Today, our mobiles actually let us interact with the world in a much more articulate way. This new platform is the best example of that. Dobango is an iPhone application that can be downloaded from the App Store, and that lets users play short and entertaining games where they compete with people locally in a bid to win both deals and discounts from the company’s partners.

Each game that is played is part of a larger tournament, and all of the players are ranked on a leaderboard. When the tournament is over, the ones who are sitting on top are going to win the sponsored prizes. These will be redeemable on the spot.

The Dobango application for iPhone can be downloaded and used at no cost for a limited time. It comes with Google Maps integration, and three different games to play. And an Android version of Dobango is going to be released shortly, too. In Their Own Words

Dobango is a social rewards based mobile gaming platform. The idea behind Dobango is to connect the dots between the disconnected Social, Mobile, Ad, Gaming and Rewards worlds.

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Which other mobiles are planned to be supported in the near future? What have people specifically requested?