– The Tweets That Fell By The Wayside

Dmfail.comAs you probably know, Twitter has a channel for private messages which has the distinction of being misused quite often, as it is easy to mix up the syntax and end up posting a private message in the wrong place – IE, where everybody can read it.

This site, then, collects all of these private messages that have been wrongly posted for the amusement of the online community.

The main page presents them in chronological order, and you can choose to follow or tweet the hapless twitterer and add insult to injury.

From a psychological standpoint, resources such as this one play with the same set of motivations and nefarious thrills that used to draw people to public executions in the past, and which have always made people flock around accident scenes.

The one contribution a service like this can make is that maybe people will become more careful when it comes to sharing sensitive information and think twice before they tweet. Other than that, it is a good destination for those who like to see what it is not meant to be seen. In Their Own Words

“Some tweets were destined for fail.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can make people become more conscientious when it comes to the information they disclose and share over the web.

Some Questions About

What was the original inspiration behind this project?