Dltk-bible.com – Activities for Children

Dltk-bible.comWant to teach your children the bible in a fun way? If so, this is the site you need to visit. Dltk-bible.

com is dedicated to provide activities for children, such as coloring pages, crafts projects, Veggie Tales, and Bible lessons. The site has been organized in categories to make your search effortless, including bible coloring, bible crafts, bible lesson plans, poems & songs, recipes, veggie tales, and teachers guide. For instance, if you select bible coloring you can choose between coloring Old Testament pages and New Testament pages, in addition you are able to opt to coloring pages with story or without. You will also find tips for printing those pages. Other features include printable calendars, online puzzles, printable cards, and more. Dltk-bible.com