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Do you want to read celebrity news online? Would you like to know more about your favorite actress, singer, sportsman or sportswoman? Dlisted.com is a celebrity news site where you can read all the latest news about your favorite celebrities.

Bear in mind, thought, that Dlisted.com is not a journalism page but rather a site where unconfirmed versions of stories or gossip are published. It might then be used as a first approach to some information, but not as definitive versions of what’s happening in show business. But yet, this kind of unofficial facts told from one person to another are often the best source for breaking news when they are confirmed.

Therefore, for anyone who has an interest in show business, Dlisted.com might be a website to keep in mind. The site also offers an “Archives” section which covers from 2009 to the present, so you will have quite a databese there about show business events. Apart from that the “Links” option is really crowded. It shows a big list of other show-biz and celebrity publications such as Hollywood Tuna, Celebrity Nation, and BestWeekEver.tv among many others.

Although a forum space would spice up the site’s content quite a bit, the section is empty at the moment, but one might think it will be fixed soon for a site in which the audience’s interaction seems to be essential. The one which is not empty is the page’s shop, where you can find stamped T-shirts with the logo and the slogan of Dlisted. Although the ones displayed are white and black, more colors are available according to the site. Besides the T-shirts, you can find mini buttons in those two colors and a tote bag, all of them bearing Dlisted’s logo.

Therefore, if you want to read all about actors, actresses, musicians and other celebrities, don’t hesitate and give this site a try.

Dlisted.com In Their Own Words

Dlisted.com contains published rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions as well as factual information. Information on this site may or may not be true and not meant to be taken as fact. Dlisted.com makes no warranty as to the validity of any claims.

Why Dlisted.com It Might Be A Killer

Few activities are as helpful to rest one minds from everyday clutter as following celebrities’ lifes ara. This, precisely is what Dlisted.com provides.

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