Dizzler.com – Music for Everyone

Dizzler.comMusic fans, listen up. Dizzler is here to offer you free, streaming music and videos which you can post to your MySpace page or blog.

To do that, you’ll need to either download the player or use the Flash version; downloading the player gives you a lot more options—you’ll get access to more songs, and you’ll be able to customize playlists.

Dizzler pulls its content from publicly offered files on the web; in other words, it’s completely legal. Other features include a variety of dazzling skins (you can also create your own), games, and promotion tools. If you’ve got a band you can upload your songs, your logo, and contact info and get instant exposure. Fans can spread your band player via email or MySpace. Sign up now, remember it’s totally free.

Dizzler.com In Their Own Words

“Dizzler free downloadable application allows users to search online and play free music, videos, games, and radio stations on their desktop or mobile device.

Our goal is to create a place where media creators and users can come together and share their passion. We want our members to be able to enjoy all of the free media content on the web as safely and easily as possible without any SPYWARE, ADWARE or storage constraints. All you need is access to the internet and our free media player.”

Why Dizzler.com It Might Be A Killer

Dizzler looks good and has the content to match. Everyone loves free music. They like to be able to customize playlists and add tracks and videos to their MySpace page. If there’s one thing worth your time it’s finding new and great tunes to listen to.

Some Questions About Dizzler.com

Is Dizzler a little too late in this huge market? How expansive is their selection of music? Dizzler.com