Dizigot.com – Wikipedia For Ordinary People

Dizigot.comDizigot is like Wikipedia, but there is a detour along the way which takes the site where no other site has gone before. You see, Dizigot is a user-powered platform that exists for people to write about themselves. Just anybody can have a Dizigot page. It matters not a whit how famous the person really is, what he does for a living, or where he actually is located. On this site, pages can be created by (and about) anybody.

Other than that, Dizigot follows the Wikipedia pattern of letting people create pages with multiple sections, and then making these public so that just everybody will be able to edit them at a later date.

As you can imagine, the site is entirely free to join and use. If you feel like showing others who you are and what you can do, then this is a site that will have your needs covered on every front. Even when it is nothing groundbreaking or truly innovative, as long as it means something to you then you will be able to tell others about it.

Dizigot.com In Their Own Words

Showcase yourself on the web.

Why Dizigot.com It Might Be A Killer

The idea can but catch on – people who would never make it to Wikipedia will be able to claim a corner of the Web for them here.

Some Questions About Dizigot.com

Who supervises the curation of the service? Dizigot.com