Divvycast.com – Make Music. Make Money.

Divvycast.comSo you want to be the next American Idol, but aren’t really up for the criticisms and shenanigans of a mean witted brit, a former dancer with questionable singing talent, and a guy who says ‘dawg’ and recently lost some weight. Try DivvyCast.

There are no judges to be had. You can produce your own music using DivvyCast’s free software. Create the music you want to create— you don’t have to worry about being artistically compromised. Upload and distribute your own music. Create podcasts and attract the attention of advertisers and sponsors. Promote yourself. Make money. Be your own American Idol. DivvyCast lets you do it all. Plans range from free to $29.95 per month.

Divvycast.com In Their Own Words

“Divvycast is an inclusive web service where you can produce, upload, and distribute your music. Bands, solo artists, producers, and DJ’s can get closer to their core audience, reach new fans, and get paid while they’re doing it.”

Why Divvycast.com It Might Be A Killer

DivvyCast may be a great way to get yourself heard and be paid for it. DivvyCast has all the tools you need to be your own personal promoter without having to spend a lot of money.

Some Questions About Divvycast.com

Is DivvyCast sometihg users will want to use? Is it a viable method for producing the music you want without compromising sound or quality? Will advertises be easy to get? Divvycast.com