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Divvi – The Easiest And Fastest Way To Share Product Recommendations

As the father of a son who just turned ten months old, I can safely say that I’ve done more shopping since he arrived than in the decade beforehand. We’re constantly needing things around the house to keep up with his changes.


Where do we go for recommendations? Other parents. Sure, we double check product ratings, but the firsthand experience of friends and family always always always carries the most weight. I turn to my bother and sister-in-law daily for their help making choices, since they have two kids and have recently bought all the same things we need now.


My big problem is that my sleep-deprived brain never remembers all the valuable insights and brands that they share with me. If I fail to write something down immediately or fail to have those notes on hand when I’m scrambling to make an emergency purchase (read: standard operating procedure), I end up winging it. Remembering, keeping things straight? Hopeless.


Divvi offers the perfect assistance for people like me, who trust personal recommendations over ads but never have that info handy when it’s most needed.


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Divvi is a mobile app that makes sharing favorite brands and product recommendations a cinch. A quick product search in-app while you’re telling someone about the awesome tent you slept in over the weekend, for example, a contact chosen and a swipe, and voila – all the product’s information and sales links are sent via text or email. It’s right there on your friend’s phone, where it won’t be lost and where it’s convenient for online purchasing instantly.


Both storing favorites and including a note when you send a rec help everyone to share information quickly and easily. Similarly, store employees or brand representatives may up their customer service game by sending details through divvi – guiding consumers effortlessly and preventing shoppers from ordering elsewhere online once they’ve left a store.


Besides ease of passing along recommendations, divvi stands out as an attractive app for its everyone-wins approach. Consumers find great products and enjoy trustworthy recs, businesses score that priceless word-of-mouth exposure (according to divvi, a personal rec can be as much as 16 times more profitable than marketing efforts), and society at large benefits – a portion of every divvi-powered purchase goes to 1% for the Planet, driving positive change in the world by doing things like planting trees and helping out those in need.


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Tired of wondering what to buy, or never having personal recommendations available when you need them? Want to make life incredibly simple for those eager to buy your products, and set yourself apart as a transparent and environmentally conscious business? Beeline to or download the app from the App Store. And if you’re super impressed and wish you were involved with divvi, be sure to visit their fundraising campaign ongoing at Fundable.


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Author : Keith Liles

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