Divine-Project.com – Create Blog Themes With Photoshop

Divine-Project.comIf years and years of reading blogs have given you some excellent ideas for themes of your own, then this is a service you can but fall for. It will let you turn these ideas into actual themes that others can download and use on their blogs, without you needing to code anything at all. Divine Elements is letting you create the theme itself in PSD, and then have that design instantly converted to a WordPress file that bloggers can buy.

It’s hard to deny how useful something like this can turn out to be. People who are really creative and who are kept from turning their ideas into practice will be put in a position where these ideas can naturally grow and be developed. Technical considerations (IE, the biggest turnoff in such cases) will go flying out the window.

A trial version of Divine Elements can be downloaded on the site.

And if you find Divine Elements useful, then consider giving

ThemesPress a good look. That is a service for creating blog themes from HTML, for a more than reasonable fee.

Divine-Project.com In Their Own Words

PSD to WordPress theme converter.

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What about supporting other blogging platforms? Is that part of the plan? Divine-Project.com