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DittyTalk.comOne of the greatest ways to meet people of a given group/niche is through online communities. DittyTalk is a Christian based social networking site where you thousands of other people in hundreds of groups, chat rooms, forums, videos, etc.


Ditty Talk offers completely free access to profile creation & customization, blogging, forums, videos, games, journals, music, an unlimited number of pictures for your gallery, group message board creation and participation and private communication with your friends. Plus, it is absolutely free, 100% of the time, to use every feature on In Their Own Words

“Ditty Talk is a free online community, a resource and a place to hang out that is safe, clean, and up to date with current web 2.0 trends in blogging, sharing music, videos and photos, playing computer games, and conversing with people around the world through chat, IM, forums, email, and journaling. Although the doors of DittyTalk are open to anyone, DittyTalk remains Christian owned and operated which determines how we monitor and filter the content for our users. We are not just a Christian MySpace Alternative, but rather a feature rich community that provides loads of safety, security and privacy… where else can you find that?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the most popular Christian MySpace Alternative online that draws 30,000 unique users per day. Plus, there is loads of web 2.0 on this site.

Some Questions About

To which foundations goes the money raised from donations?

Author : Charly Zaks

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