Ditto.me – Future Check Ins

Ditto.meFoursquare is one of the most original social services available, but it is obvious that the concept can be expanded even more. The ones who have designed Ditto certainly knew as much, and have taken it unto themselves to begin carving the path ahead.

In general, we can say that Ditto is a social service for future check-ins. Users of Ditto can tell others what they mean to do at a later date. This is conveyed using a series of icons that announce your intent, such as seeing a movie, eating out or staying at home.

And the way this service works, you are enabled to tell others about what you want to do and receive recommendations and suggestions. For example, you can make it clear that next Thursday you intend to go out and have dinner, and by leaving the location box empty you will be effectively enabling others to advice you on cool places you could try out.

Ditto.me In Their Own Words

Looking to hang out? Find out what your friends are up to, have a conversation or get a group together. Ditto makes it easy to get recommendations about restaurants, movies and things to do. Download the app, and start Dittoing!

Why Ditto.me It Might Be A Killer

There are no other apps that let you do the same thing this one lets you do.

Some Questions About Ditto.me

How likely is this to be adopted as massively as Foursquare? Ditto.me