Distimo.com – Making For A Better App Store Marketplace

Distimo.comOne of the 20 companies that will be spotlighted at the Plugg event in Brussels next week, Distimo can be termed an app store analytics company that aims to build up a more unified app store marketplace.

Two different tools are provided to these purposes. The fist one is named “Distimo Report” and it provides companies that are active in the mobile applications marketplace a good understanding of trends as they come and go. This report takes into consideration both current and historical data, and a comprehensive look is cast across multiple app stores for added reliability.

For its part, a tool named “Distimo Monitor” will enable developers of mobile apps to cast a glance not only on the way their apps are faring, but also on the ones that have been released by their competitors. It does so by keeping track of the downloads and rankings in all stores across the world.

As a result, it can be said that this startup will appeal to developers and handset manufacturers alike. It is comprehensive enough to cater for the needs of either, and it can become an integral part of any campaign.

Distimo.com In Their Own Words

“Distimo is an innovative app store analytics company built to solve the challenges created by a widely fragmented app store marketplace filled with equally fragmented information and statistics.

Distimo Report provides in-depth reports for companies interested in the mobile application ecosystem providing valuable insight into important trends happening within application stores. Distimo Monitor offers mobile developers a free analytics tool to monitor their own and competitive applications across all app stores, without any adjustments needed to their application’s code.”

Why Distimo.com It Might Be A Killer

Both developers and operators are accounted for, and the company offers enough information to let these two sides have a more transparent appreciation of the market on the whole.

Some Questions About Distimo.com

Are all mobile handsets already supported? Distimo.com