Discover What People are Saying Online About Your Brand

There’s no denying social media’s power as a marketing tool.  Sites like Facebook and Instagram allow businesses of any size to create free accounts, brand themselves, and instantly connect with their target audience and beyond.

However, when dealing with as many as 2.27 billion users (in Facebook’s case) on one platform, it can be incredibly tough to point your message in the right direction – especially for lesser known brands.  The lack of quality analytics features on these sites only makes it more difficult to get your actions in line with your strategic goals.

And if you are able to reach social media success, the rewards can be great, but there’s a catch.  With a larger presence comes swarms of additional people talking about your brand and wanting more information – which can quickly become very difficult to manage.  All the hard work you’ve done to gain new leads can therefore quickly go for naught.

Introducing Brand24: a web and social media monitoring tool that’s helping brands everywhere get a better grasp on their digital image.  In real time, it collects all publicly available mentions of predefined keywords – resulting in sales growth and greater customer satisfaction.

No matter how far your digital footprint extends, Brand24 has you covered.  It provides instant access to mentions about your brand from social media, news sites, blogs, discussion forums, and more – and supplements it all with a rich analytical feature set.

Plus, it’s built for everyone.  No matter if you’re a small local merchant or Fortune 500, Brand24 is well-equipped to detect sales opportunities and monitor branding for any size business.  The platform’s affordability only further echoes this sentiment.

Monitoring and manage your online reputation has never been easier.  Other features & benefits that Brand24 boasts include:

  • Includes a mobile app with notifications for on-the-run management
  • Convenient reporting to easily track and assess marketing campaigns
  • An “Influencer Score” feature that identifies people with the most social influence
  • Simple segmentation of mentions by positive, negative, or neutral
  • Comparison of social mentions against your competitors

Ikea, Intel, and OLX are just a few of the big name customers currently benefiting from Brand24.  The press is catching on, too, as the company has been featured by outlets like Forbes and TechCrunch and has won multiple startup awards.

To learn more and even try Brand24 for yourself, just visit them online at  Partnership Manager Eliza Wrobel can also be reached via email at [email protected].

Photos:  Brand24