Discover Local Food Through Personalized Recommendations with Famished.

You know that feeling when you’re SO hungry that you need your food to be here, like, right now? However, when you start to look up meal options, you’re quickly overwhelmed by just how many options are out there. The fact that the listed menu items are pretty vague doesn’t help, either. You could scroll through endless lists of restaurants and picture-less menu items, or you could try Famished.

Famished is a mobile app designed to help people discover delicious local food through a personalized experience. Their goal is to help you spend more time enjoying your next meal and less time looking for it.

Did you know that people waste approximately 240 hours per year looking for food? With hundreds of menu items to choose from, the choice paralysis is real. Additionally, the price for the dish can vary by 20% depending on the app you use to order, even though it’s the exact same dish from the exact same restaurant.

Current food ordering platforms also feature only basic search functionality and little to no personalization. Menus are boring, photos and videos are missing, and there’s inadequate information to help you make a decision.

Famished, on the other hand, shows you vegan and vegetarian meals from top-rated restaurants in Los Angeles based on your food preferences and more. It also includes high-quality photos or videos to help make your decision even easier.

Famished includes a variety of helpful features that make the app easy to use and help you decide what to order.

AI-based food recommendations: Famished uses artificial intelligence that gets smarter over time in order to recommend the food you’re most likely to enjoy. The app takes into consideration your dietary restrictions, taste profiles, past orders, what your friends like and even the weather outside to provide recommendations of local food.

Photos and videos: Famished includes high-quality photos and/or videos in their recommendations of individual dishes so you get a better understanding of the menu item.

Meal information: The app also includes key information about each menu item, such as the ingredients, price, and whether it’s vegan or vegetarian. (However, you can easily skip through the info if you’d rather just look at the pictures).

Healthy food: Famished currently focuses on vegan and vegetarian dishes from the top-rated restaurants in Los Angeles, but people without dietary restrictions are welcome to use the app, too.

Beta: Famished is currently in beta and is looking for new users. Early adopters will be able to provide feedback, vote on the features they’re most interested in, and generally shape the final product before it officially launches.

Having a lot of food options is great, but having personalized recommendations with high-quality visuals and helpful information is even better. Stop scrolling through your food ordering platform wondering, “what even exactly am I looking at?” Instead, turn to Famished to find local food you’re going to love. Want to try Famished for yourself? Visit to sign up for their beta version.


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