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Disco.comPresented by Google, Disco is a new group texting application which is available for iOS. It was actually developed by Slide (bought by Google in late 2010), and it lets you send an unlimited number of group messages at no cost.


Messages are received in real time, and note that in addition to getting the iPhone app you can always visit the Disco site and message people using the provided web interface.

Disco is still in early beta, and while there are not that many features to speak of all the basic functionalities have been seen to. Groups can be created, managed and deleted as your needs change over time.

Something which is a bit irksome is that messages are displayed in a SMS window that omits all previous messages that have been sent to the group. This can prove to be quite inconvenient when making plans together and you need to revise what was said before, and by whom.

And the million dollar question: just where is the Android version of Disco? In Their Own Words

Group texting on any phone.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free application that does precisely what it sets out to do – letting you message all your friends at once.

Some Questions About

When is this coming to Android devices?

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