Disclose.tv – The first Mystery Channel on the Internet

Visiting Disclose.tv is mandatory if you’re into conspiracy theories. The site features what feels like an endless collection of videos on its homepage, dealing with the kind of stories that never make it to the mainstream media. UFO sightings, life in other planets, occultism, secret organizations that pull the strings on society… every day, the site features lots of new videos dealing with such topics. And these videos can be commented and rated, just as videos can be commented and rated on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

The videos you can see on the site come from a mixture of sources. Some have been shot by people like you and me, who found themselves faced with an UFO or any other phenomenon. Others have been shot by pros who went to UFO summonings, knowing what they would get. And then, you can find documentaries that were always meant to be distributed on sites like Disclose.tv.

These are just some of the categories that you can find on this site: “Aliens & UFOs”, “Ancient Mysteries”, “Paranormal“, “Spirituality“, “Sun & Space Anomalies” and “Survival & Preppin“.

And Disclose.tv also comes with a forum where you can discuss whatever you want. These discussions can be connected to the videos that you can watch on the site or not. That doesn’t matter – as long as you’re starting a discussion or debate on anything that’s connected with the paranormal, your thread will be approved, and people will be able to start adding their own two cents.