Disaboom.com – A Social Network For The Disabled

Disaboom.comDisaboom.com is a social network designed for Americans with disabilities. Then, if a beloved one suffers from traumatic brain injuries, sclerosis multiple, arthritis rheumatoid or a similar disease or disability, this site might be of your interest.

On Disaboom.com you will get useful resources to learn how to live with a disability, as well as data on disability rights and advocacy, and details about neurological disorders, arthritis and cancer. What is more, you will also find information about stress disorders, symptoms of arthritis and cochlear implants. Would you like to get data on natural remedies for painful joints? Are you interested in buying disability products? If that is so, this might be an interesting site for you to visit.

To sum up, if a beloved one suffers from a disability, Disaboom.com might be worth a try. Remember this site next time you are looking for useful information and resources for people with disabilities.

Disaboom.com In Their Own Words

\”Disaboom.com is the revolutionary solution to the difficulties faced by an untapped market of more than 650 million adults worldwide living with disabilities and a valuable resource for their caregivers, families, rehabilitation providers and employers. People who have suffered from stroke, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, brain injuries, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, arthritis, knee replacements, hip replacements and back surgery have unique needs. Founded by J. Glen House, M.D., who is currently the Medical Director of Penrose Hospital’s Center for Neuro & Trauma Rehabilitation as well as a quadriplegic and leading voice for the disabled community, Disaboom.com is designed by doctors and fellow Disaboomers and is the first online company dedicated to providing a comprehensive resource to meet this market’s specific needs with customized expertise.\”

Why Disaboom.com It Might Be A Killer

Disaboom.com has a colorful attractive interface. The site is easy to navigate and well organized with the categories clearly marked. Disaboom.com is a great concept, I haven’t heard of any social networks that take the disabled into consideration, so it is a great idea to have a site that does. No other site would take into consideration ramp accessibility, society in general needs to start being conscious of handicap issues, why not start with the internet. Disaboom.com is a great site that helps handicap individuals find what they need and make friends.

Some Questions About Disaboom.com

At the moment, the site is concentrated in restaurants and locations in Colorado, hopefully as the site grows and there are more members from other states, there will be more information on places in other states. Disaboom.com could let users create common interest groups, giving users another way to connect. Disaboom.com