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DirectSnap.comTwitter is ready-made for the fans of most sports, what with the quick and safe way it lets them speak their minds in real time. And College football is no exception, with hundreds of thousands of fans turning to Twitter daily to share the way they feel about everything. And that includes these stars who are rising from the ranks. There’s actually so much talk about upcoming talent there that if there were a way to organize all that’s said about young league players then we’d be into something really good. You’d be tempted to say that College football recruiting could never be the same.


Well, it looks as if we were about to find that out. DirectSnap brings what people are saying about young players into profile pages of their very own. DirectSnap does that automatically, for every College football player who’s ever mentioned. Each player gets his own profile, and anybody can check how well he has been performing recently. And that includes recruiters, of course.

Profiles also come with vital statistics and information such as the player’s height and weight. And if you visit a profile, you’ll also get to watch YouTube videos where that player is seen in action. Again – all that data is brought together for players. There’s nothing they have to do to have a DirectSnap page, it’ll be created for them. The simple fact of having been the recipient of tweets will be enough for anybody to get his own profile here. In Their Own Words

Connect to the recruiting pulse.

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Will we see something like this for other sports? Why/why not?

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