– Turn Blogs Into Link Directories

DirectoryPress.netWe can define DirectoryPress as a directory theme for WordPress which is fully-featured, and which aims to allow anybody to turn a standard WordPress blog into something akin to an online link directory whose aspect can be configured at will.

Obviously, affiliate marketers are going to make the best out of such a plugin as it will give them a ready chance to reach a broader public, and in an effective way at that.

Moreover, great emphasis has been placed on supporting as many payment gateways as possible, so that those who submit directories are never short on options. And since DirectoryPress stands as an open source solution it is always possible to add new payment systems and extra directory features.

This directory script can be downloaded at no cost, and implemented in a very easy way. If the above sounded enticing, you can get started in virtually no time at all. Besides, you can try the provided online demo in the event you don’t want to incur into software downloads of any kind. In Their Own Words

“DirectoryPress is a fully featured directory theme for WordPress, it allows you to turn your standard wordpress blog into a powerful online link directory.

Not only does DirectoryPress come with great directory plugin features but also it comes with a range of changeable themes and designs, you can easily switch between any of the designs available with a click of the button!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Webmasters and affiliate marketers are certain to maximize such a solution since it will enable them to add monetization capabilities to any regular blog.

Some Questions About

Is there anything like it for other blogging platforms such as Blogger?