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DirectedEdge.comYou can search for many products buyable on the internet and this is going to be an effective solution for you to find what you need. The DirectedEdge is an interesting website that gives you the services of a recommendations engine you will find quite effective.

This engine actually plugs into your store or site to provide users with Amazon-like suggestions on many products. This is a very simple procedure you can follow so you can show your users tailored recommendations. These recommendations are actually based on products that are similar to the ones they tend to prefer.

Let’s say that you have a customer looking for music: this engine will find music that is similar to the one your customers are searching as well as anything that might be related to what they want. This principle is applicable to films, people and content in partner sites. The system simply analyzes their connections and social structure in order to make a quantity of recommendations.

The site is very interesting and you will actually find all the information you need to get about it right away. Do you want to learn more about this site’s service? Do it at In Their Own Words

“Our engine makes it easy to show your users personalized recommendations and similar content or products based on data you’re already collecting.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be quite effective to allow many users to find the products they might be looking for as well as to business owners that want to sell their products online.

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Is there any other feature being offered by this system?