DinkyPage.com – Creating Disposable Pages

DinkyPage.comDinkyPage is succinctly described as “a free service to create disposable pages on the web”. That is it, really – it does nothing more and nothing less than what it says there.

Generally speaking, you can conjure up a page of your own using an intuitive editor and also by setting down its name letter by letter. The page can also be edited the HTML way if that is what you want to do.

On the other hand, images can not be added to the page that you create. You can, however, add links to pages such as Photobucket and ImageShack for visitors to check out.

Note that the term “disposable” does not mean that the page will expire in due time – a page is only removed if it violates the terms of use. Rather, the term “disposable” refers to the nature in which the site is created and the way you can easily take it off whenever you wish to do it.

I think we all will agree that this is a straightforward service par excellence. If you want to get across a single message or idea and a blog is too much for that, this site will be your wining number.

DinkyPage.com In Their Own Words

“A free service to create disposable pages on the web”.

Why DinkyPage.com It Might Be A Killer

If you want to communicate something in an uncomplicated way, this does the trick.

Some Questions About DinkyPage.com

Why can’t media be directly included? DinkyPage.com