DinerConnection.com – Notify Patrons Via SMS

DinerConnection.comDiner Connection is a service that makes pagers look as archaic as they really are. Restaurant owners can use this new platform to notify patrons when their tables are ready via text messages. This is convenient for just everybody – patrons no longer have to carry a pager around (which might not work properly if they stray too far away from the venue), and restaurateurs are ensured nobody is walking out with a pager (bored teenagers are known to do that more than often).

And Diner Connection can also be used in order to let customers know all there is to know about daily specials and promotions. In that sense, Diner Connection is a true marketing platform – it can make sense of all the data provided by customers, and use it to increase sales.

Four different plans are provided – Trial, Basic, Pro and Premier. Each supports a set number of messages (from 100 to 5000), and only the paid plans will let restaurateurs have a local number of their very own assigned to them.

DinerConnection.com In Their Own Words

Diner Connection is here to revolutionize the way you communicate with your patrons by utilizing text messaging to notify customers of ready tables and daily specials.

Why DinerConnection.com It Might Be A Killer

A platform like this one is preferable over pager systems that are too easily to steal, and whose maintenance costs a lot.

Some Questions About DinerConnection.com

How long can you try Diner Connection for free? DinerConnection.com