Dilbert.com – Your Favorite Cubical Man Gets Animated

Dilbert.comDilbert, our favorite cubicle dweller has just got his own brand new website. The site is more than just an ode to the chronically bespectacled comic character.

It’s also got some very 2.0 social stuff, which allows fans to do their own Dilbert takes. For instance, in the section so thoughtfully deemed ‘Mashups’, fans can try their hand at being funny and replace Scott Adams’ lines with their own. Their entries will be ranked and rated by the world. Of course, each of the original strips can be discussed and rated too—the strips date back to January 2001, so there’s plenty to keep fans laughing. The site also has the requisite profile space, in which users can save their favorite cartoons, build lists, make friends and more. Oh, and what would a Dilbert site be without a widget? Yes, with your very own Dilbert widget you can see Dilbert everyday. Registration is free.

Dilbert.com In Their Own Words

“It was a combination of a strong desire to make you happy and a bunch of free time on our hands. But the good news is that, in spite of ourselves, we did come up with some brilliant doodads, if we do say so ourselves:
• For the monochromatically challenged – color Dilbert strips every day
• All Dilberts all the time since 1987
• Larger strip size – so no squinting!
• Rank the strips and save your faves
• Animated Dilbert
• Share Dilbert with all your friends, cubebuddies and fellow office inmates”

Why Dilbert.com It Might Be A Killer

This is Dilbert on speed. The site has got everything a Dilbert fan could want and more. There are free Dilbert strips and animations each day. The strips are big and colorful and easier to read than ever.

Some Questions About Dilbert.com

How is this site funded? Will there be any sort of Dilbert games developed for the site? Is this possibly too much Dilbert? Dilbert.com