Diiz.net – A Direct Way To Create YouTube Playlists

Diiz.netDizz is a new site that plays out a very concise role: letting you create a playlist with your favourite YouTube videos, and then sharing the list with just whomever you want. This is done in as direct a fashion as you can imagine, as all that it takes to get a list together is to add the URLs one by one using the provided menu.

The list can have title, too, so that if you are putting one together that revolves around Diego Maradona’s finest moments you can give it the corresponding name and make it stand apart from other lists about different soccer players.

Note that you can choose to keep the list private. That way, if someone stumbles upon your list he won’t be able to visualize the videos that you have handpicked if you don’t want him to.

Is this useful? Yes. Is this indispensable? Not really. YouTubers who are really avid might become recurring visitors, but for the rest of us the playlists that can be generated on the popular video sharing website will more than do the trick.

Diiz.net In Their Own Words

“Create a YouTube playlist.”

Why Diiz.net It Might Be A Killer

People to whom YouTube is a true raison d’être will be in their element. The rest of us might not be that thrilled, but we might put it to a good use or other sometime.

Some Questions About Diiz.net

How many videos can a list contain? Diiz.net