Diipo.net – Connect With Your Students

Diipo.netThe concept of social networking as a way to connect teachers and students becomes more and more relevant each day. Diipo is a case in point. This new platform is meant to be used both by educators and by students that want to take their learning one step above and beyond.

Diipo favors an interface that is a sort of a hybrid from what we are accustomed to seeing when using Facebook and Twitter, and all operations are executed by using a series of dashboards and apps that make for communicating to the full. Students are able to create/join groups, to collaborate on projects, and to answer the questions posed by each other using direct messages.

For its part, teachers are enabled to connect not only with their students but also with other teachers. This gives Diipo a truly expansive aura, and it might as well be one of the features that drive more educators to the service. Plus, Diipo makes for sharing files (such as pictures and documents) and links, and the service is obviously all the better for it.

Diipo.net In Their Own Words

Education 2.0 social network for your class.

Why Diipo.net It Might Be A Killer

It showcases the power that social networking can have when it comes to education.

Some Questions About Diipo.net

Are services like this one the future of education? Diipo.net