Digmaa Gives Home Builders & Clients A Solid Foundation For Communicating

Few experiences in life are as exciting and stressful as building a home.


The exciting part is easy to understand – new place to live, a place to call your own, the family home, woohoo! The stressful part is more complicated…


Building a home is a huge undertaking. It takes planning, coordinating with multiple professionals. The huge emotional and financial investments involved understandably lead homebuyers to spend a massive amount of time overseeing progress (which, let’s face it, isn’t always the most helpful). Therefore, communication is essential, because each project is a nervy affair.


Digmaa looks to defuse tensions and make the entire building process more pleasurable for everyone involved.



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Digmaa is a web- and mobile-based platform that allows home builders and clients to communicate better with one another throughout different building phases. It helps from the get-go, serving as a resource that connects clients with a wide range of service providers – architects, builders, designers, loan officers and other subcontractors.


More importantly, starting a project on Digmaa serves as a common meeting ground for sharing ideas and coordinating efforts. Open dialogue makes it easier to schedule and budget.


During construction, everyone wants updates of course. Arranging site visits proves time consuming, while constant requests for information slow down actual work and usually aggravate. Communication delays cause even more problems, including mistakes that are costly to fix.


Digmaa eliminates such headaches with simple video and photo sharing tools. Instead of tedious back and forth exchanges, updates appear instantly and are no trouble to post. Contractors don’t have to field endless information requests from buyers, while buyers are spared the worry as to what’s happening. At any time, clients and builders can also leave comments or send private messages to each other in order to resolve concerns quickly.


Sharing progress works great in the long run as well. Buyers can share the joy of watching their house come together with family and friends, and they have a permanent record of the entire project (convenient if you need to track down vendors later or expand, etc.) Builders can attract more business by showcasing their work – and their skills for interacting with clients. Client reviews further bolster their reputations.


Co-founder Austin Mac Nab was spurred to create Digmaa after his own frustrating experience as a homebuyer. As he recalls, “Although I enjoyed going to my new home to see the progress, it quickly became a part-time job because I was always left wondering what’s next, what has been done, etc. I knew there had to be a better way to close that crucial communication gap between builders and their clients.”


Mana Thongvanh adds the homebuilder’s perspective to the co-founding team, giving the company a holistic view of building challenges. Digmaa is based in Des Moines, Iowa. The home building website launched this January.


Looking to build a custom home as smoothly as possible? Hungry to expand your business by enhancing communication with homebuyers? Visit digmaa.com to begin a new project or to learn more.


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