– Comprehensive Online Data Storage

DigitalBucket.netIf you are the type of person who loathes globetrotting with your storage card for fear of losing it, the DigitalBucket team has a solution for you. The beta release of their online data storage application lets you upload and manage all of your files remotely, exactly as if you were on your own desktop at home, eliminating the need for online file transfers and large email attachments.

You can actually create new files and modify existing ones, and share them with friends, family, and business associates. You don’t even need to be registered with DigitalBucket to access and view files, so you can share your data with literally everyone. The application’s privacy controls let you decide who sees what, and when they see it. Registration is currently limited with the Beta version is still in its initial stages of development; though accounts are free, they are limited in space storage. In Their Own Words

“ lets you collaboratively share information with co-workers, partners, suppliers, and customers from any Internet connection for maximized productivity—files, presentations, spreadsheets, and videos are just a click away. Use as a secure repository for critical business data—and regain peace of mind. Access the information you need to work at peak efficiency—anytime, anywhere. Setup takes minutes—and there’s no software or hardware to buy, install, or manage. Unleash the power of to take your business to the next level”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This application is perfect for everyone from the music fanatic looking for a secure place to back up their files to the CEO looking to maximize productivity among coworkers. DigitalBucket smoothly caters to both personal and professional initiatives while retaining its central aim – practicality.

Some Questions About

When will DigitalBucket begin to offer its users more storage space? How much will each user get? Will registration remain free and universal?