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Purchase orders. Do the words make you cringe? Do they call to mind tedious paperwork and processes, missing items, constant managing of supplier data? Then Digital Purchase Order is for you.


Digital Purchase Order (DPO) is “the fastest and most simple approach to manage your purchasing workflow.” With DPO, you can create and approve purchase orders from anywhere. DPO software is available via the web and mobile apps, providing you secure and convenient access to your POs, 24/7. Real-time expense updates ensure that the latest information is always at your fingertips.


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DPR allows you to establish your approval chain online for greater convenience and flexibility. After entering in the fields you wish to have included in your POs such as department, supplier, supplies, etc., and creating however many approval levels you need to complete POs, you can then sit back with your purchasing process on autopilot. Using DPO, the average approval takes less than five minutes.


In the company’s own words, “Digital Purchase Order streamlines your complete approval process. Tell DPO how your approval chain works and the purchasing software will take care of the administrative work and circulation of purchase orders.”


Businesses benefit from having over 200 customizations at their disposal, which enables them to tailor the software to manage purchase orders in a way that best enhances each business. In other words, it can be as simple or as sophisticated as businesses need it to be.



DPO supports attachments and all currencies, and is available in multiple languages, which makes it useful for conducting business anywhere, with anyone. Companies can generate branded reports, including their terms and conditions, and can easily export data into a CSV file to continue work outside of DPO.


Having lists of suppliers and vendors in one location, in addition to your complete purchase order history, saves time searching for information and prevents unfortunate events such as misplacing orders or needing to reenter information. Timestamps on activities are just one other way that DPO keeps all activity transparent and traceable.


The effectiveness and ease of use of Digital Purchase Order have made it the #1 Award Winning Purchase Order Software between 2013-2016. Early on, Steven Spielberg used DPO for the “Bridge of Spies” shoot, which led to it quickly being adapted by most Hollywood studios. DPO is now relied on in over 15 industries operating in over 30 countries.


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