Diggstr.com – Exploring Digg In A Different Way

Diggstr.comDiggstr is self-touted as “a new way to discover and surf Digg content”, and it will come in quite handy for those who like the premise that lies at the heart of the social sharing resource but are not keen on the execution itself.

In this particular case, you will be able to pick a category from the 8 that are available on the main page (including “Technology”, “Gaming”, “Sports” and “Entertainment”) and then have customized access to the content that is found on Digg and which the site terms a “hot soup of current popular webpages”.

Of course, this includes not only news, but also images and videos. That is all set down using the “preferences” panel, a kind of dashboard that will let you set down filters and choose whether you want to have only popular or forthcoming stories displayed.

As it is only fit for a social sevice, Diggstr will let you share what you have explored in every other major social haunt currently available today.

The truth is that this service is nothing really groundbreaking – it couldn’t be by definition. It is just an alternative to browsing a very popular social site, and how useful it turns out to be is a mere question of personal tastes.

Diggstr.com In Their Own Words

“Just a new way to discover and surf Digg content.”

Why Diggstr.com It Might Be A Killer

It makes Digg resemble StumbleUpon, and that will be good for those looking for a change.

Some Questions About Diggstr.com

Will the site appeal to the public at large? Diggstr.com