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DiggersList.comTaking the Craigslist model and circumscribing it is the name of the game here. DiggersList is like a lite version of Craigslist, but not in the sense of the features that are provided or the actual efficacy of the site. No, what one should compare here is the actual scope of each site. DiggersList is like Craigslist, but only that for home improvement classifieds. All kind of appliances, building materials and hardware can be listed on the site. And just like Craigslist, these listings come at no cost.

This is a site that can play a vital role in all kind of renovation projects. No matter what one wants to change or renew, be it a door or a floor or the house’s entire plumbing system, DiggersList makes it possible to buy the necessary materials and equipment in the fastest way of all. Searches are executed both by ZIP code and by city name, and users can set down the mile radius that applies.

And just in case you realize you’re not brave enough to renovate your home by yourself after looking at the listing featured on this site, you might like to give uKnowa more than a passing glance. That is a marketplace where contractors bid for jobs posted by people like you and me. Like DiggersList, you can join it for free.

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The home improvement classifieds. Simple.

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Which steps are taken to ensure the accuracy of what is being listed on the site? DiggersList.com