– Love Your Body is a site that provides you with help to loose weight.

You can find a diet plan that is especifically made for you, by just your filling up a personal quiz. Diets also need fitness, hence the site provides you with fitness videos so you can keep up from wherever you are, not needing to go to a gym. also offers you recipes for free, all diet recipes for you to eat and loos weight. The site also has a tips link where you can find all kind of tips such as healthy picnic packing, tips on setting goals, meal planning, etc. has a “tracker” link which will help you keep track of your meal, your exercises, thoughts and your weight. Keep track of your progress and feel better each day.
The site also provides you with a blog section where you can exchange thoughts, concerns, and similar interests with others, give and receive support daily. In Their Own Words

“ is a one-stop online consumer destination for diet and health, providing information and support for long-term weight control.
The Expert Support Team is lead by the nation’s leading weight loss expert, Dr. Robert Kushner. Dr. Kushner has 25+ years of hands-on experience with thousands of patients who struggle with weight issues. Dr. Kushner is the author of the American Medical Association’s Obesity Treatment Guide for Physicians, and maintains the most popular online diet expert blog. The Expert Support Team members, including registered dietitians, personally answer emails, conduct teleconference coaching, and provide meal plan evaluations online for users.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is free and useful site due to the importance people give to the fitness and because of health too. As a consequence of the junk food and poor diets, there are a lot of obese people in the US, and this site can take advantage of that and grow.

Some Questions About

Is it profitable? How do they manage to compete with other similar sites? What makes them different? Is information reliable? Will people be ready to fill in all the information they need?