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Diamondnexuslabs.comAre you looking for a diamond-simulant gemstone? Then check out this site. Diamondnexuslabs is the world’s finest diamond-simulant.


These gemstones are so perfectly cloned that sometimes they require scientific proof that they are in fact cloned. These perfect man made gemstones are made to match the way light reflects on diamonds making them hardly impossible to tell if they are real or not. The site contains categories allowing you to navigate through the site more freely and most importantly to find what you are looking for easily. Some of the categories are ladies bracelets, rings, earrings, men jewelry, loose gemstones, customized, and it also gives you the top ten products. Diamondnexuslabs also provides three types of guarantees on all of its products like money-back, life time performance and lifetime gemstone loss. In Their Own Words

“Diamond Nexus Labs gemstones are the most perfect man-made diamond clones ever created. Diamond Nexus Labs lab-created diamond simulants cut glass, they refract light into perfect “hearts and arrows”, and they have superlative fire and brilliance. They closely match the optical and physical properties of extremely expensive “flawless” mined diamonds as their clarity and color are perfect on their respective scales. In almost all measurable tests, our lab created, man-made diamond simulants match or are superior to natural diamonds. In fact, Diamond Nexus gems are so close to natural diamonds that most gemologists require scientific testing equipment to tell the difference. Yet, for all their glittering beauty, Diamond Nexus Labs gemstones cost a fraction of what mined diamonds do, allowing you to own magnificent fine jewelry at a fair and realistic price.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Nowadays people dream of diamonds but they are very expensive. Diamondnexuslabs offers you a perfect man made gemstone that is the clone of the diamond for a lot less money and it also provides a triple guarantee.

Some Questions About

Diamondnexuslabs has entered a very competitive market. For many years people have tried to find good diamond simulants. Will they be able to attract the masses? Will people prefer a fake diamond to a real one?

Author : Caroline Bright

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