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Diabetic-Diet-secrets.comDiabetic-Diet-secrets.com is a site to help type 2 diabetics control blood glucose with diet.

Type 2 diabetes was diagnosed in less than 1% of the population in 1950. By the early 90s that percentage had risen to over 3% and by 2007 it is over 7% and expected to be over 14% by 2030. This is a serious situation that has to be reversed. The owner of the site is a type 2 diabetic that was close to death when diagnosed. He learned to control blood glucose to non-diabetic levels with diet. The best of what he found for controlling his diabetes was obscure and spread over hundreds of different websites. Diabetic-Diet-Secrets.com is a collection of the best advice available for type 2 diabetics from many different sources as well as an online community for type 2 Diabetics wanting either to solve their problem or wanting to share what they have learned with other diabetics.

Diabetic-Diet-secrets.com In Their Own Words

“You too can have great glucose control. Finding the best information for the optimal diabetic diet plan can be very time consuming and frustrating. I did the work to find the best for me and I feel it is my responsibility to share it with others. On this site you will find diabetic diet strategies that can help you obtain glucose control.”

Why Diabetic-Diet-secrets.com It Might Be A Killer

Type 2 diabetes is a killer that is out of control. Mainstream medicine is not sharing and providing the best information currently available, preferring to sell drugs to teaching people how to eat right. There is money in drugs and treating sick people. There is no money in teaching people how to eat right. A free service like this is badly needed.

Some Questions About Diabetic-Diet-secrets.com

Are they uploading new recipes daily? Diabetic-Diet-secrets.com