Dia-carta.com – A Different Way To Plan Your Day

Dia-carta.comDiacarta is a new app for iPhone users that will let them plan their daily activity in an even more visual way than the one they are already accustomed to. The site uses the expression “create a picture of your day”, and that is actually quite accurate as you will take a clock and then add an icon for each single activity that you have to deal with in any specific day.

More than 50 different icons are already featured for you to create your daily schedule, and upon adding one to the relevant side of the clock you will be able to enter the details of that particular event as well as setting the exact time that the activity is meant to take place.

Such an application beats the more traditional calendars and applications for taking notes that we are all know hands down, and it might even be said that people who have never used a scheduler before might feel tempted to do it now if only because the approach championed by Diacarta is so agile.

Dia-carta.com In Their Own Words

“Unlike any other planner, Diacarta™ allows you to create a picture of your day. It’s easy. Start with a clock and add an icon for each thing you need to get done.”

Why Dia-carta.com It Might Be A Killer

The visual approach works out splendidly in practice, and a day’s worth of activities can be set down within a couple of minutes.

Some Questions About Dia-carta.com

In which ways can this application be expanded? Will more icons be added? Dia-carta.com