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DHgate.com In Their Own Words

\”Our Mission:

1. To be a one-stop, customized end-to-end trade solution provider serving international buyers.

2. To establish a round-the clock e-marketplace that is transparent, automatic and collaborative.

3. To offer cost-effective trade services by leveraging the latest e-commerce technologies and integrating trade channels.

4. To maximize our international buyer’s profitability and competitiveness.\”

Why DHgate.com It Might Be A Killer

Online trading in China has grown dramatically over the past years. Nowadays, China is the world’s largest and most diverse market. DHgate offers one-stop trade services to international buyers who are interested in purchasing directly from China. It offers buyers a hassle free and safe purchasing experience. Buyers have access to a huge selection of items ranging from MP3 players, cell phones, shoes, clothing, jewelry, camping gear, etc., all at wholesale prices.

Some Questions About DHgate.com

Will international buyers rely on online traders for large volume purchases? Is this form of international trade going to make a big impact? DHgate.com