Devmate automates unit tests for faster, easier software development

Developers create some pretty awesome software. Before the end user ever sees it, though, the coding goes through plenty of testing. Unfortunately for the software developer, this can be a time-consuming process. Many testing solutions use white box techniques, which can result in correct lines of code being marked as incorrect and require developers to spend extra time double checking the code. Luckily, devmate can help.

Devmate, by Automated Software Testing GmbH, is an easy-to-use test code generation tool created to help developers deliver better code every day. Devmate automates unit tests, enabling developers to generate test code from test cases with a simple push of a button. The model editor allows developers to focus on requirements, inputs, and expected outputs. The result is well structured, readable and state-of-the-art test code of the target testing framework.

To use devmate, developers simply install the software on their computer. It doesn’t require users to upload the code, so they’re free to work within their own secure network environment. Unlike other testing solutions that use white box techniques, devmate uses black box techniques that check the code to see if specifications have been met and only reports the errors. Devmate reduces error feedbacks, improves test coverage and offers safer refactoring.


Devmate includes a variety of features to help software developers save time and improve the quality of their software.

With devmate, developers get code coverage as well as practical test cases that help validate that their code meets the necessary requirements.

Subscription Options
Devmate offers a free version that you can download and use for up to 10 test models per week. For more test models and other helpful features, they offer a Basic subscription option, Startup subscription option, and Company subscription option.

Don’t spend more time than necessary running unit tests. With devmate, you can quickly and easily create test cases and generate test code. Devmate even says it can accelerate test case creation by up to 50%, saving developers time and effort. You can check it out for yourself at


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