– Worthy Alt Search Engine

DevilFinder.comDevilfinder is a popular alternative search engine that belies its name (I still have no idea of the origin or intent of the name). It is basic and simple in form and function; you simply enter your search, refine it by category (news, image, video or web), and off you go.

The video feature appears new and is a smart addition to the search protocol given the millions of internet users that now watch online videos daily. The site claims to be unique because of their search algorithm, they do not set cookies and they find a more comprehensive list of results than the traditional google and yahoo search engines. They also display all the results in one long screen as opposed to having you click “next result.” In Their Own Words

“DevilFinder, a Journey Begins…
In the beginning… The project was not meant to be a public service. DevilFinder was originally made to display more results from popular search engines like (Google,Yahoo,etc.) without setting cookies or clicking on the “Next Page” link. Since then, this website has grown at a fast pace by word of mouth.

DevilFinder Technology
With DevilFinder you can get at least 300 Total results from a single search query. How do we do this?, How is this possible??… Leave the thinking up to us. Just Relax and search all you want. With DevilFinder Technology anything is possible…

DevilFinder is Good for Websites
With DevilFinder search results your website is more likely to show up as opposed to being buried by google results due to the listing being in page number #8 or so. DevilFinder gives more exposure to low-ranking websites than other search engines out there!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

I liked the form and function of the site, as it actually did provide the results it promised — the search results I got were comprehensive, the images were better than google images and in a larger size, and it was easy to find all the top news sources and top news stories just from clicking on their “news” category.

Some Questions About

How do people find this search engine? If not reviewing this site, I would never have found it. Are they making a profit given that the only source of revenue are banner ads? Have they considered more stable sponsorships as an alternative source of funds? Finally, I recognize that most search sites have a very similar homepage, but I believe the average user would prefer a little more explanation of key features and a little more color to persuade them to try the site.