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Destinia.comDestinia is a Spain-based Travel Search Engine, and thus is specialist in finding the cheapest hotels in the Mediterranean and the North of Africa. The site works in the same way that all major Travel Search Engines do: you have to type in your desired date of travel and your possible destination or destinations, and the site retrieves the options that get closer to what you are looking for, and thus sometimes presents with the opportunity to directly pay for the thing you had in mind, or for something that is slightly different but convenient as well.

The site offers some packages, like skiing options or beach destinations; an overall good thing about Destinia is that it searches low-price airlines, which is something the larger travel engines fail to do at times. When deciding where to vacation by using this site, bare in mind that the prices are in euros, so have your calculator handy, as the site won’t present the searches in US dollars or any other currency.

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