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DesktopNexus.comDesktop Nexus makes finding the wallpaper that you want at the correct resolution for your screen easy as pie. Browse through the various categories without having to deal with pop-ups or payments or irritating ads.

You can even get a feed updating you on the latest uploaded wallpapers available. What’s really cool about this site is the fact that they will recommend to you which wallpaper dimensions you should try using first and they give you various options so as to fit your screen. If you have a widescreen, but the image wasn’t made for them, you have the option of either stretching the image or selecting the area of the image you would like to be seen, giving you far greater control over what will be displayed than ever before. In Their Own Words

“We are revolutionizing wallpapers!
No more Google or Yahoo image searches for desktop backgrounds… sifting through low quality and incorrect sizes. Finally, one website to end all wallpaper frustration. One site to centralize wallpapers worldwide. One site to become a household name in wallpapers. Desktop Nexus. Welcome to our revolution. Fight the oppression.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This combines the slick ease of Web 2.0 with desktop backgrounds that allows you to get the image that you want easily and with the quality you’ve been looking for.

Some Questions About

Could they make it so that you can view more previews of wallpapers on one page, since there’s a lot of page room, but most of it is left empty? Will people continue to upload images to the site, or will they have a hard time finding new images to add to their stock to keep people interested?