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Desktopify.comThe Desktopify site will let you carry out a very concise task, namely building desktop widgets in an easy and uncluttered way. You don’t need to be conversant when it comes to programming at all, it is all taken care of in a cut and paste fashion, and even those who have a mobile site will be accounted for – an option that caters for them specifically is provided.


In case you are wondering what good a widget is for, what it does is to act as a sort of bridge between you actual website and the desktops of your users. The widget will give them direct access to your site and its data from the context which is more natural to them. Besides, the way these widgets are implemented means that there is just no interference with how your customers are used to working with their desktops – a framework is not installed. Nothing besides the widget is installed, as a matter of fact, and there is no conflict with other widgets that might already be operational.

It is important to stress that both PCs and Macs are supported, too. In that sense, you can ensure that your website will be reachable at all times by mostly anybody. In Their Own Words

“Desktopify is the web platform for converting web widgets for the desktop. With Desktopify you can make stand-alone desktop widgets for Windows and Mac.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an almost foolproof way of ensuring that your content and information will be reachable at all times.

Some Questions About

Will this service always be provided for free?

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