Too Busy To Exercise? Feel Down At Work? Desk Yogi Is The Wellness Solution For You

I woke up a few months ago feeling like my arm was broken. I figured I must have slept on it awkwardly and that the pain would go away. My arm did feel better as the day went on, but I woke up the next day and the day after that with the same agony.


Eventually I discovered that I needed to change the height of my desk chair, which I did, of course, and my arm improved. But the aches and pains continue to creep up more frequently with each additional hour I log in front of a glowing screen.




Don’t get me wrong. The hazards of a desk job hardly compare to mining coal for a living. There are hazards nonetheless – physical and mental – and they should be taken seriously.


Desk Yogi is my favorite wellness solution that I’ve seen in a long time. The company’s mission is “to bring wellness to the workplace, helping you improve health and happiness right at your desk.” And to achieve this wellness, they provide 3 to 10-minute video lessons that you can follow at your work station.


A growing library of 400+ videos and audio lessons taught by experts covers topics ranging from yoga, fitness and stretching, to mindfulness, nutrition, ergonomics, stress reduction, and more. Desk Yogi allows subscribers to create personalized playlists that fit their routine and needs. Desk Yogi also delivers custom reminders, weekly broadcasts and monthly challenges to encourage building – and holding to – healthy habits.


I used to attend yoga classes. I used walk at least an hour a day, I used to stretch and meditate and workout… There are a lot of reasons why I’ve strayed from doing all of the activities that kept me stronger and more energized than my current self, the biggest being that I simply don’t have enough time to break away long enough. My schedule doesn’t allow for it. And I’m clearly far from alone in this predicament.




Desk Yogi is wise to orient its program around work life. Work is where we spend a great deal of our time, after all. Chances are good you’re online already or have easy access, so the only equipment you need is within easy reach. We forget how beneficial small breaks, small steps can be, which are the exact kinds of boosts that Desk Yogi champions.


The startup offers individual and corporate memberships, both of which have free trial periods. The website also provides free access to limited content for those interested in sampling lessons.


Learn more about how Desk Yogi can help you become healthier and happier throughout the workday at Om.


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