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DesignPoke.comSpecialized aggregators are mandatory if only because the Internet makes for such an abundance of content that keeping up with any specific topic is (while not difficult) certainly time-consuming. That is, you can count on sites like Digg to learn about any given topic, but you must be prepared to search for this, filter that, omit the other… And everybody has better things to do.

That is why I am not surprised to see sites like this one raise their heads one after the other. In the particular case of DesignPoke, the pieces of information and news that are aggregated all have to do with web design. That is, designers here have a splendid chance to read news and reviews along with assorted information that is sure to appeal to those who work in such a capacity.

The interface is the spitting image of that featured on Digg and its compadres, and you can visualize stories within the timeframe that you regard as more suitable to your actual needs. And stories that are to be featured at a later date are also accessible from the main navigation menu. In Their Own Words

“Web design news.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will suit the needs of the public it is oriented to 100 %.

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How closely is the featured content monitored?