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DesignHub.phMichigan based DesignHub is a multimedia company which provides print, video productions, and new media services for advertisers and marketers. They’ll come up with ingenious animations, electrifying billboards, branded calendars, interactive CD-roms, newsletters, trademarks, infomercials, documentaries, books, and even annual reports.


They work with everything from traditional silkscreen and print to the most cutting edge net designs. Whatever sort of corporate or identifying media your company needs, DesignHub will have your solution. From gathering information, developing concepts and drafting strategies, DesignHub’s employees take care of everything. They’ve already got a well established body of work, and are continuing to grow. In Their Own Words

“DesignHub is a full-service multimedia company that addresses your needs in marketing and communication, video production, and interactive media. Your goal is to get closer to your client. Our goal is to lead you closer to them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

DesignHub is a flexible, all purpose multimedia company that gets to the core of any company’s needs. They work with a variety of media to deliver high quality products and solutions. Whether it be a new calendar, a tricked out Flash website, a logo, or a poster, DesignHub is equipped to handle it all.

Some Questions About

DesignHub’s newest site is slow, and not all the sections are filled out. Potential clients may see this as a warning flag of sorts.

Author : Siri Marshall

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