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Branding materials, logo designs, websites, business cards, custom packaging, company swag – modern business owners have plenty of design needs. And these needs must be addressed and filled fast. So where should business owners turn for help?


Design firms can be pricey, or they might have prior commitments that slow their ability to deliver. It goes without saying that not every business has the same needs or the resources and talent to design on their own. Professional freelancers offer a fine alternative, but, knowing where to find them, knowing whom to trust, and figuring out what services should cost quickly becomes a complicated, time-consuming process. At least, that’s how things often worked before the arrival of Designhill.


Designhill is a one-stop shop for business owners to source high-quality designs for all of their design needs, at affordable prices. It is also a platform where graphic designers can showcase their work, collaborate with other designers, and find work that pays well.




“Designhill aims to provide a complete suite of small business services to its customers, starting from logo design to branded merchandise,” said Designhill Co-Founder Rahul Aggarwal. He added, “It’s been less than three years since we’ve started, but we’re getting recognized the world over for the quality of our services. We expect to own the graphic design space globally in the next three years.”


The Designhill platform easily connects business owners to logo designers from all over the world. Clients post jobs, and – in crowdsourcing contest fashion – can select the design that they like best from dozens of design submissions by different designers. Clients also have the option of working one-to-one with individual designers.


The company began with just a team of four developers and two designers, and has already grown to more than 35 employees. 38,000+ designers have already joined the platform and thousands of clients have contracted work through Designhill.


In addition to providing a large pool of talent and supporting a wide variety of working arrangements, the crowdsourcing platform is also proving to be an aggressively innovative space. A readymade logo store with a 24-hr turnaround is just one example of how Designhill is striving to become THE source for design work.


The company plans to soon launch its Custom Services and Pro Designer Services for designers. Custom Services will grant graphic designers more control over determining what jobs they will do, pricing, and establishing timeframes. The Pro Designer Service will entail making high-value design jobs available only to the most talented designers who are awarded the “Pro Designer” badge of recognition.


To learn more about Designhill’s plans and services, or to get started using the platform, visit here.


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