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They allow small business and website owners to run logo, website and print design contests, where the business owner creates a design contest, sets the amount they want to pay for their new logo, and logo designers then create logos based on the requirements provided by the business owner and enter them into the contest. The designer whose logo gets picked as the “winner” by the business owner gets paid the full amount put up as the prize. eLogoContest facilitates the “logo contest” from start to finish, including collecting the prize money from the business owner and paying the designer. First, you need to register as a contest holder. Creating an account allows you to start your own contests and gives you access to the Private Message system. Next, you fill out the “Design Brief”, this is where you provide all of the details for your logo design contest. Make sure that you are as thorough as possible when filling out the Design Brief, as this is the information that the designers will use to design entries for your contest. In Their Own Words

“Design Contest is a community shaped by the joint efforts of talented designers and contest holders. By hosting a design contest with us, contest holders are able to choose from a variety of great designs created by talented, professional designers. Our designers compete for the prize offered, forcing them to push the limits and create innovative new designs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Although “design contests” have been commonplace in many forums for years now, eLogoContest is one of the first sites to offer an efficient, easy to use system that makes running or entering a contest extremely easy. One of the things that make eLogoContest completely different from anything that has come before is the option for “contest holders” to prepay the “prize money”, thus ensuring that a designer gets selected as a winner and gets paid.

Some Questions About

Can anyone publish a contest looking for designers?

Author : Charly Zaks

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