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Design21sdn.comDesign 21, The Social Design Network, is a trendy resource for anyone interested in design and social development. The site highlights socially responsible innovations in a variety of fields, from aid to community to well-being.


It then challenges members to come up with new ideas, and provides a forum to share and discuss these thoughts. Finally, it offers a service to work with socially-consciousness nonprofits. Design 21 has an impressive list of supporters behind them- they have interviewed Jeffrey Sachs, the famed Harvard developmental economist; they are associated with UNESCO; and they have a well-rounded and varied group of contributors. In Their Own Words

“DESIGN 21: Social Design Network’s mission is to inspire social consciousness through design. We connect people who want to explore ways that design can positively impact our communities – ways that are thoughtful, informed, creative and responsible.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Design 21 is well planned website and has procured some very important relationships. The site makes social development trendy, allowing it to attract an entirely different crowd than this subject traditionally draws. Finally, as opposed to lamenting about the obstacles to development, Design 21 actually provides concrete solutions.

Some Questions About

My biggest critique would be “I want more!” The sections highlighting new innovations are well written, but often too short.

Author : Mery Fisher

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